The Zeniya Family is a well-respect organization from Osaka, with nine separated branches throughout western Japan.

It was said by Dosuken that the Zeniya Family may outnumber the 5th Generation of The Front of Armament by as much as 10 to 1 [1].

History Edit

8th Generation Edit

There has been a relationship between Zeniya Family and the Front of Armament since the days of Kunou Ryuushin and Murata Juuzou.

They have a good relation with The Front of Armament cause their 8th generation vice-president Ogawa Kenji was blood brothers with 4th T.F.O.A.'s generation vice-head Murata Juuzou.

9th Generation Edit

Their 9th generation president Sakura Keiichi created a relation with the Manji Empire through the ceremonial tradition of raising cups, with Inou Hidejirou, their 2nd generation leader.

10th Generation Edit

Later the Zeniya Family would re-organize into 5 branchs.

It was revealed that the 3rd branch head Tsuruoka was selling drugs, something forbidden to the Family.

Rules Edit

They will only start a war if it is related to their honor and they are so strong that even the Manji Empire would think twice before crossing them [2].

It was stated by Ogawa Chiharu that Zeniya Family forbids any of its members to involved with drugs. The person who violates the rule will be banished from the Family [3].

Branches Edit


A chart of the structure of the Zeniya family

President: Edit

8th Generation Hara Naoto
9th Generation Sakura Keiichi
10th Generation Aihara

Vice President: Edit

8th Generation Ogawa Kenji
10th Generation Hiwatari Kei

1st Branch: Sakutani Group Edit

2nd Branch: Yashiro Group Edit

3rd Branch: Tsuruoka Group Edit


Yoshinari and the 3rd Branch of the Zeniya Family

4th Branch: Honda Group Edit

5th Branch: Yazawa Group Edit

9th Branch: Masuko Group Edit

Masuko Group

References Edit

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