Yashiro is an old friend of Umehoshi Masashi and Umehoshi Yasushi

History Edit

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

Yashiro Keji attended Suzuran at the same time the Umehoshi Brothers did. Knowing the twins since middle school, Yashiro and his friend Mori Yoshio, helped create the Umehoshi-Gumi

After a grueling battle against the combined effort of the sophomores and seniors of Suzuran, the Umehoshi-Gumi found itself alone at the top of the school.

Sophomore Edit

During their reign, a freshman named Aoki ruined it all when questioning which of the Umehoshi Brothers was the strongest. Constant battling caused by Aoki's question between the brothers split the faction in two. Keiji ended up supporting Yasushi.

Senior Edit

In his senior year while walking home from school with Yasushi and Aoki, he witnessed what he considers twin based telepathy when Yasushi felt that his twin was in danger. Masashi, Mori, and Matsuoka Nao had been jumped by Housen's Nikaidou Takuya. The three of them rushed to aid their friends and in Yasushi's case, family.

When they got there, the younger Umehoshi brother KO'd Nikaidou with one hit shocking everyone in attendance.

After Suzuran Edit

Years after his graduation, Yashiro travels to Toarushi to see the Umehoshi brothers. He runs into Tora, to whom he tells the tale of his high school days.

Keji shows that he is very self concious about his balding hair when teased by both Tora and Masa-yan.

He is currently running a toy store in Hiroshima.


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