A member of The Front of Armament's 7th Generation.


Pre-TFOA Edit

Yamaguchi challenged Takumi after realizing he was the strongest man at his school. He lost the fight but gain a new found respect for his future leader [1].


He joined TFOA shortly after Vice Head, Fujishiro Takumi, with whom he attended Kurosaki Industrial.

Yamaguchi fought along side the early Hana-Gumi against the Jet Black Scorpion in order to get revenge for Mutou Renji.

Yamaguchi is very charismatic and eager to fight any and all opponents of the Front. He is not always successful in his bouts with more known losses than wins.

In the fight with the Jet Black Scorpions he defeated Masaoka Kenichirou of the KKK Brothers [2].

Then when TFOA in a battle with EMOD, Zenjirou lose decisively to elder Zakuro Brother, Aki. [3]

Yamaguchi then faced Funai of the Manji Empire's Ikeshima Group. Before what seemed like an eventual loss, Aki came in to finish the fight against Funai for the seemingly outmatched Yamaguchi.

Fights Edit


References Edit

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