Tyrone is a freshman at Suzuran All-Boys High, who participates in it's infamous Freshmen War, the year after Tsukishima Hana graduates.

A foreigner to Japan, Tyrone is the first student of a different race, let alone African American in the delinquent school's history. 



Tyrone moved to the town with the intention of becoming the top of Suzuran.

He is strong enough to advance to the final round, against  Kuniyoshi. Their fight takes place in front of almost the entire student body at Suzuran.

He ultimately won the fight and become the strongest freshman [1]. After the fight, Kuniyoshi and Kurosawa decided to join under Tyrone and become a part of Tyrone Faction.

After a few days, he challenged the strongest sophomore, Rocket.

Sophomore [2]

He was ranked second in "Ippin's 10 Round Challenge". When Mikuni shows his annoyance that a sophomore is ranked higher than him, Sajima points out that Tyrone is to be feared and that he recently took out six Touyoudai High's delinquents at a station near his home.


  • Tyrone vs. Kuniyoshi - Won [1]
  • Tyrone vs. Rocket - Unknown


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