Tsukimoto Mitsuyoshi is the second oldest of The Moonlight Brothers and a leader at Housen Academy.

Well-known for his intense physical strength, Mitsuyoshi shares a fierce rivalry with Suzuran's Kanbe Yoshikatsu (a.k.a. Butcher).

Despite his hot-headed tendencies, Mitsuyoshi is also ironically an avid fan of J-Dramas and is said to have a collection of over 200 tapes [1].

Housen Edit

Sophomore Edit

He, along with his brother, Tsukimoto Mitsunobu, convinced their leader, King Joe, to start the war against Suzuran.

His rivalry with Butcher was eventually settled in the five-on-five Suzuran-Housen War in the Monster's Forest.

After a very physical fight, Mitsuyoshi fell to Butcher's Killer Flame Car finisher, which was a surprise to many, as Mitsuyoshi's brute strength is reputed to be the stuff of legends.

Senior Edit

Even when he was already a senior at Housen, King Joe did not pass the leadership reigns to him; rather, he gave them to Mitsuyoshi's younger sibling, Tsukimoto Mitsumasa instead.

Even then, Mitsuyoshi continued to support his younger brother throughout his last year at Housen.

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