Tsukimoto Mitsuyoshi is the second oldest of The Moonlight Brothers and a leader at Housen Academy. He, along with his brother, Tsukimoto Mitsunobu, convinced their leader, King Joe, to start the war against Suzuran.

Well-known for his intense physical strength, Mitsuyoshi shares a fierce rivalry with Suzuran's Kanbe Yoshikatsu (a.k.a. Butcher) - a feud that was eventually settled in the five-on-five Suzuran-Housen War in the Monster's Forest. After a very physical fight, Mitsuyoshi fell to Butcher's Killer Flame Car finisher, which was a surprise to many, as Mitsuyoshi's brute strength is reputed to be the stuff of legends.

Even when he was already a senior at Housen, King Joe did not pass the leadership reigns to him; rather, he gave them to Mitsuyoshi's younger sibling, Tsukimoto Mitsumasa instead. Even then, Mitsuyoshi continued to support his younger brother throughout his last year at Housen.

Despite his hot-headed tendencies, Mitsuyoshi is also ironically an avid fan of J-Dramas and is said to have a collection of over 200 tapes [1].

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