Todohara Goukin is the Head of TFOA's 9th Generation.

He got a rivalry with Itou Renzou and Santou Shinji ever since they met.

He seems to have formed a rivalry with Housen's first year Mikuni Yuukyou.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

When he was 13, Todohara ran away from middle school.

Without proper education, he soon began committing crimes. Though the amount of crimes he committed kept on piling up, his physical strength and guts were more than enough for the Armament's Nara Akira to recruit him.

Todohara got the scars on his face from a car accident, where he flew head first through the windshield of a car he stole.


Prospect Edit

Todokin was invited by Nara Akira to join TFOA [1] and is one of the main fighters of the late 7th generation.

Senior Edit

He is currently the head of 9th Generation.

He was also ranked fourth in "Ippin's 10 Round Challenge". [2]

Fights Edit

  • Todokin vs. Santou Shinji - Won [3]


References Edit

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