Terakado Butta is the first head of Housen.

History Edit

During his middle school years, in the next town over from Toarushi, him and his gang have beaten every other middle school around, basically just because he wanted to impress a girl who said she only liked strong guys (during their first year in grade school) but she kept setting higher bars for him to clear just because she was too afraid to turn him down. 

He wanted to leave behind a legend of him being the strongest guy there was, and then make a clean break and enroll to Housen, a new school in another town where nobody knows him, so he would have a better chance of getting a girlfriend in a normal, non delinquent setting.

Housen Edit

He started growing his hair slicked forward so that he have a better chance with girls.

During Housen's entrance ceremony, he was late for the ceremony and after arriving, he went to the gymnasium (where the ceremony is being held) and saw everyone is fighting.


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