A leader in Suzuran's Bandou Faction and good friends with both Hideto Bandou and Senda Naoki.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

Yamazaki and Senda Naoki were following Sugata Kazushi hoping to enter T.F.O.A. when they met Hideto Bandou and became friends [1].


Freshman Edit

The three entered Kurosaki.

After Sugata's death, despising the new leader Kunou Hideomi, Bandou wanted to join Suzuran that had stronger delinquents, to build an army to take over T.F.O.A., the three transferred and started the plan to conquer the school with the Bandou Faction.

Senior Edit

Tatsuya was defeated by Bouya Harumichi en route to the transfer students' single handed triumph over the Bandou Faction.

After losing their position in Suzuran, Bandou, Senda and Tatsuya became the targets of the Front of Armament.

In fear of getting attacked like Senda, Tatsuya snitched on his long time friend Bandou to save his own life [2]. Bandou was jumped by Mito Yasuyuki [3] and immediately after, Yamazaki shared his fate [4].

Much later Tatsuya attacked former Armament Head, Kunou Hideomi, in order to renew his friendship with Bandou.

He dropped out from Suzuran and didn't graduate [5].

Fights Edit

  • Yamazaki, several underlings vs. Harumichi Bouya - Lost [6]
  • Yamazaki vs. Mito Yasuyuki, several underlings - Lost [7]



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