Shibaki Masami is a member of the Manji Seven and the leader of the Odaken Group in the Manji Empire.  

History Edit

Middle School Edit

Senior Edit

Shibaki once went on rampage and it took more than six cops to take him down [1].

The Manji Empire Edit

Shibaki Masami was defeated by The First Leader of Suzuran All-Boys High, Hana Tsukishima [2]

Shibiaki woke up disoriented, yelling at Manji underlings that he was fine. To his dismay, he saw the next man up for his Manji, Anan Yoshiki, being carried to a nearby veterinarian after taking a flying knee and losing to Housen's Mitusmasa.

Shibiaki was forced to ask himself "Just what the hell is going on?".

Fights Edit

  • Masami vs. Hana - Lost [2]

References Edit

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