Sawaguchi Masaru was a student from Suzuran High.

Nicknamed Pudding after failing to shoplift some pudding from a convenience store when he was still in elementary school. Upon being caught by a store employee, Pudding ran into a toilet and locked himself inside it for more than ten hours, forcing his parents, teachers, and even the police to show up [1].

He also went to the same middle school as Yaita Ikumi which is Kawa Mid.

He is often seen hanging out with Tetsuwan Tsutomu, but the two are always getting on each other's bad side.

Pudding never hesitates to make a cheeky comment or two about Tsutomu and never lets up, despite the beatings he gets from Tsutomu afterwards. They both share a love-hate relationship, with Pudding always provoking the larger Tsutomu on everything from his looks to his lack of fashion sense. But even if they are at each other's throats all the time, they are still each other's confidants and strongest allies.

Although he hardly gets to help out during fights, Pudding is always there to support the Hana-Gumi with his cheers and snarky comments.

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