Nicknamed Abo, he was a student at and the Head of Yurikawa South High School.

He is also Sera Naoki's brother-in-arms and although both men are Heads of different schools, they still manage to maintain a brotherly relationship.

Personality Edit

An extremely hot-headed individual (especially once opponents make jokes about his height), Abo also holds the distinction of being only one of two men, besides The Front of Armament's Kawachi Tesshou, to challenge Hanaki Guriko more than once.

Despite losing all three of his fights against the Afro Demon [1], Abo remains on the look-out for good opponents.

He is also described by childhood friend Ranmaru as being "a little demon."

As Head of Yuri-South, Abo is extremely protective of his classmates and will go to any lengths to look out for them.

Yurikawa South Edit

Sophomore Edit

He was always looking for a good fight, and was brought in by Suzuran's seniors (including Kanbe Yoshikatsu, Kurosawa Kazumitsu, Harada Tokio, and Yamaguchi Ranmaru) to whet Tsukishima Hana's fighting appetite.

However, midway during his match with Hana, Abo immediately realizes that he's way out of his league, prompting him to ran off without finishing the fight.

During the Hana-Gumi's war against the Amachi Army, Abo is able to effectively handle the elder Naitou Twin, Naitou Ichigo, defeating him in a one-on-one [2].

Senior Edit

He is one of the seven men who traveled from Toarushi to Machida Tokyo to finish the war against The Manji Empire's Manji 7, but loses his one-on-one against Inoue Tatsumi [3]. However, it should be noted that Abo was already injured before the duel.

Fights Edit

Despite his small stature (an issue he takes offense to), it should be noted that Abo's fists are no laughing matter. Before meeting Hana, Abo was able to knock out Hana-Gumi members, Yaita Ikumi and Murakawa Katsuhiro.

  • Abo vs. Guriko - Lost, three times [1]
  • Abo vs. Ichigo - Won [2]
  • Abo vs. Yazawa Koushou, three underlings - Won [4]
  • Abo vs. Inoue Tatsumi - Lost [3]



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