Sakota Takefumi was a student from Suzuran and resident of Room 6.

Sakota was a fearsome fighter and won several fights.

Kishi Mid Edit

Known in his middle school days as the "Kishi Mid Dinosaur". He is also an old rival of Mutou Renji.

Freshman Edit

During his freshman year, he witnessed the last fight between Rindaman and Bouya at Gokoku Shrine [1].

Sophomore Edit

During autumn of the second year, Kuwahara Ayumi had enough of being Sakota's errand boy (even though he did not meant to do so) and lashed out a box cutter and cut Sakota face [2].

Suzuran Edit

Because of his reputation, Sakota was one of the spoken favorites to win the Freshmen War of his generation, along with fellow student and fierce rival, Yaita Ikumi.

However, prior to entering Suzuran, he lost in a one-on-one against Hana Tsukishima [3], thereby suffering his only known loss. The loss won him over to Hana's side, causing him to voluntarily bow out of his year's Freshmen War.

Together with fellow student, friend, and, subsequently, brother-in-arms Mutou Renji , Sakota decided to follow and promote Hana as Suzuran's future leader. The two of them, along with other handpicked freshmen, officially formed the Hana-Gumi.

As a member of the Hana-Gumi, Sakota has had his fair share of fights, including: the war against Housen in his first year (where he knocked out Housen's Miura with one punch [4]), a one-on-one victory versus Muroto Koumei in his second year [5], and lastly, the war against The Manji Empire in his third year. During Manji's invasion of Suzuran, Sakota defeated the Kamishiro Group's Boss Shiino Fuminao [6].

Sakota is said to be on the same level as Tetsuwan Tsutomu, with only Hana and Hanaki Guriko above them. This then ties Sakota with Tetsuwan as Suzuran's third strongest students. This also makes Sakota the Hana-Gumi's second strongest member, by virtue of seniority.

Fights Edit

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