Rindow High first appeared in the "Worst" series. Even at this point it is a fairly new school, and was built just a year before "Worst" began [1].

Rindow High is a private high school and first became known to the towns bad boys when Amachi became its head.

During this time Rindow was able to take the schools that used to belong to the Kurosaki Alliance. As stated apart from Suzuran and Housen every school had Amachi's breath on it.

Unfortunately Amachi's leadership lead to the downfall of his plan to become the leader of the town, and the empire he built crumbled and broke, leading to a final fight with Tsukishima Hana, where he was ultimately defeated by Hana.

After this, Rindow's structure was splintered with Amachi being ostracized by Rindow's delinquents. This only lasted for a short while before Amachi decided to start again and quickly took back control of Rindow.

A year after "Worst" ended, Hajime Ichou is now the leader of Rindow.

Heads of Rindow High Edit

2nd Class Head: Amachi Hisashi
4th Class Head: Hajime Ichou

References Edit

  1. Worst; Chapter 34, page 28
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