QP is a 12 episodes drama directed by Takashi Miike and broadcasted on NTV .

Plot Edit

Misaki Gen gave up on his dream of becoming a boxing champion. One day, Gen meets Ryo Azuma, the boss of the Tenrokai gang. Gen admires Ryo who carries an extraordinary aura. Right away, Gen joins the Tenrokai gang.

Gen is introduced to Hiko from Ryo Azuma. Meanwhile, the Yokomizu gang led by Hitoshi Kitajima, which controls the area, begins to look around the Tenrokai gang. The conflict between Tenrokai and Yokomizu gangs gets deeper. Meanwhile, a third rival gang led by Kanemitsu Hachi monitors the conflict awaiting for an opportunity. The past of Ryo Azuma, Tom and Jerry is also revealed ...

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