Parko And Dangerers, or P.A.D, was a gang founded by Parko, along with his longtime companions Fujikawa Teru and Kishima Kochi

Their primary objectives were to deal with the ongoing threat of the Snake Heads, and to address the betrayal by their former best friend, Jinnai Kouhei.

Before officially adopting the name "P.A.D", the three friends recruited Armament members Kunou Ryuushin, Kokubu Ryouta, and Mishima Bunta, as well as Harumichi Bouya. Bouya himself later approached Tatsuya Bitou to join.

Later on in the conflict, Tsuyoshi Tamasu joined P.A.D due to his admiration of the others involved.

This indirectly formed a temporary alliance between three of The Big Four in town (Housen, The Front of Armament, and Suzuran).

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