Cousin of Ogawa Kenji, and initially a new recruit at the 1st branch.

One day, he discovered that the 3rd branch head Tsuruoka was selling drugs, something forbidden in the Family, but Chiharu couldn't just get him banned as he was very powerful and it could lead to an internal war [1].

He tried to talk about it to him but he said that all that mattered was money, so he flipped and almost killed Tsuruoka [2] and then ran. Chiharu was mad because his younger sister was killed alongside four other innocents by a drugged driver [3].

Kenji asked the Armament to take care of him for a while and he went to Toarushi. He got into some troubles and met Tsukishima Hana on the way and was stunned by his strength, but the Armament stopped him before any fight happened.

The 3rd branch members followed him into town and demand the Armament to hand him over for beating their leader. The Armament was ready to start a war with Zeniya to keep their word to Kenji as the head of the 1st branch. But then Kikutani Shuuji and the vice-president Hiwatari Kei showed up and said that Tsuruoka already resigned for doing things unworthy for a member of the Zeniya Family and the matter was solved.

Before leaving Toarushi, Chiharu went after Hana to have a fight. He lose [4], but went home with a big smile on his face.

He would later become the head of the 1st branch.

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