Nakamura Ginji was a student from Suzuran.  

Ginji used to be Kurosawa Kazumitsu's junior. The two shared a brotherly relationship, with Kurosawa even saying that Ginji resembled him when he was still a freshman.  

A capable fighter not lacking in strength and guts, Ginji has earned the respect of some Suzuran students, including his upperclassmen, Kurosawa and rival, Tetsuwan Tsutomu.  

History Edit

Middle School Edit

They have also helped each other on some occasion, like the instance where Ginji assisted Kurosawa by capturing a member of the Jet Black Scorpions for questioning. 

He was nicknamed "Mad Dog" in his middle school year [1]

When he was still in middle school, Ginji was notorious for always challenging Tsutomu to a lot of fights, but would always end up losing all of them [2].

He was even sent to the hospital three times because of these fights, but this didn't stop him from challenging Tsutomu again when they met in their year's Freshmen War.

Suzuran Edit

Ginji was the only one in their batch who dared to stand up against Tsutomu, but even then, he ended up losing to him again [3].

Because he was discouraged by Kurosawa himself to follow him, Ginji wound up following Tsutomu instead. When Tsutomu began following Suzuran boss Tsukishima Hana, Ginji began to follow him as well.

Now a loyal and devoted member of the Hana-Gumi, Ginji has already had a number of achievements, including his participation in the wars against the Amachi Army and The Manji Empire.

An avid darts player himself, Ginji is also a member of Tominaga Toranosuke's dart club.

Fights Edit

  • Ginji vs. Tsutomu - Lost, several times [2] [3]


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