Murata Shougo is the former Head of The Front of Armament's Seventh Generation.

He is the younger brother of the Armament's fourth generation vice-head Murata Juuzou and a good friend of Takumi Fujishiro, the Vice-Head of the Seventh Generation.

He and Takumi have a history with Rindow High's Hisashi Amachi. While the details of their shared past are unclear, Shougo has said that it was Amachi who gave him his scars.

As he was starting out with the Armament, Shougo served as the guardian of Ogawa Chiharu of the Zeniya Family.  He is also an old senior of the seventh generation's guardian Sasaki Haru.

Shougo is an upright, honest man who strongly treasures the bonds of friendship. However, he is also prone to making some rather rash decisions because of it. When he heard that Yuutarou, an old middle-school friend, had been harassed and beaten up by members of Kyouya, he immediately went after them without thinking of the consequences. Because of his hotheaded decision, Shougo inadvertently caused the termination of the Five Nations Ceasefire Agreement among the Armament, Hyakki, the Black Marked Tigers, Kyouya, and Shikabane.

Ultimately, it wasn't until the unfortunate death of the Armament's Sixth Head, Kawachi Tesshou, that Shougo would bring an end to his reckless ways. Lost and confused after witnessing the untimely death of his mentor, Shougo disappeared for a while, but eventually returned with a new resolve to make his generation the strongest incarnation of the Armament.

As the Armament's Seventh Head, Shougo has already amassed a number of notable achievements, including recruiting the KKK Demons to the Armament's side, striking an alliance with the Evil Moth of Death (E.M.O.D.), and engaging in a war against The Manji Empire.

Along with Takumi, Shougo is responsible for recruiting Toarushi's strongest factions, Housen, Yuri South, Kawada 2nd, Rindow and Suzuran to participate in the War with Manji. He is one of the seven men who traveled from Toarushi to Machida Tokyo to finish the war against The Manji Empire's Manji 7. He fought and was defeated by the strongest fighter in all of Manji, the Kuzugami Group's Bisuko [1].

After being defeated by Bisuko, Shougo decides to retire from the Armament.

He pays one last visit to Tesshou's grave before leaving for Osaka to lend his brother, Juuzou a hand in a store he opened up with a friend [2].




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