Mori Kenichi aka Moriken is a senior at Suzuran.

History Edit

En Mid Edit

He attended En Mid in his middle school year and is considered very strong.

He was called as "Mad Dog" like some of his Suzuran predecessors.

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

During his freshman year, he was the favorite to win it all but ultimately lost to Sajima Yousuke in the final fight of his Freshmen War, thus coming in second place.

The fight was so close between the two that some believe that if they fought again, Moriken would be the victor.

Moriken agreed to join the Hana-Gumi as per Sajima request and was formerly one of the Hana-Gumi's freshmen pawns.

Sophomore Edit

As a sophomore, he observes this generations Freshmen War, along with Sajima and Monnai.

Senior Edit

As a senior, he was seen hanging out with Sajima Yousuke and Miyamoto Sanmon on Suzuran's rooftop [1].

Fights Edit

  • Moriken vs. Sajima - Lost [2]

References Edit

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