Kuniyoshi is a freshman at Suzuran All-Boys High who participates in his generation's Freshmen War, the spring after Hana graduates. 


Middle School

 Kuniyoshi went to the same middle school as Kurosawa

He already had a bad reputation for always getting into fights. 

He once fought Endou Rikio and lost. 



Kuneyoshi's aim is to conquer Suzuran and KenKen informs him that to reach the top, they will have to go through the likes of Tetsuwan Tsutomu, Sajima Yousuke and Miyamoto Sanmon.

He faces the foreign student named Tyrone. After he lost the fight [1], he followed Tyrone and become a part of Tyrone Faction.


  • Kuniyoshi vs. Endou Rikio - Lost [1]
  • Kuniyoshi vs. Tyrone - Lost [1]


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