Kiyohiro Yoshimi is the Sixth Generation Vice-Head of The Front of Armament, One of the strongest new members of the Armament's 5th generation beside Kawachi Tesshou, he and Tesshou had a big rivalry and both had potential to be the new leader but wouldn't be easy to decide who it was going to be since Kousei's emergency retirement.

Previously despised Tesshou until he challenged him to a fight to determine who would lead the Armament. Kiyohiro lose [1], but he became close friends with Tesshou shortly after.

Despite his violent temper, Kiyohiro has proved countless times that he is a worthy second to Tesshou. While their reckless Head was fond of doing things on his own, Kiyohiro was often left to hold the fort in his absence.

Even in the event of Tesshou's untimely death, Kiyohiro held the remaining Armament members together and act as a interim leader until disappeared successor, Murata Shougo's return. As an Armament Vice-Head, Kiyohiro often had to hide his real feelings behind a stoic exterior, but once he did let them out, he proved to be just as passionate as his Head.

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  • Kiyohiro vs. Tesshou - Lost [1]

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