The faction led by the senior, Kawaishi Noboru, with 80 members [1], that maintained Suzuran's power balance in its era.

History Edit

Suzuran vs. Housen Edit

Minor fights between Suzuran and Housen students evolved to an all out war [2]. Kawaishi and Nakaii joined forces to fight.

The showdown was huge and everyone had weapons, the police intervened and several people were arrested or severely injured [3]. Between Housen's fighters, there was Makio Bitou, fighting unarmed and yet defeating several Suzuran's.

One of his punches broke Nakaii's ribs and it punctured his lungs. He died a bit later. [4]

Suzuran had to expel about 30 students after the fight, one of them was Kawaishi, who formed a small gang of about 20 members to avenge Nakaii and get Makio Bitou.

Katsuragi Genjirou tells that Kawaishi probably just wanted to scare Bitou but the knife ended up on his belly and Bitou died two days later [5]. Kawaishi was arrested.

After the two tragic deaths, Katsuragi met with Housen's representatives and sealed a cease fire.


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