The biggest school of delinquents in their region.

Kawada 2nd joined the Kurotaki Alliance during the time of Bulldog and housed its leader during Nakajima's Era.

The school fell under the rule of the Amachi Army after Sera fought and lost to Hisashi Amachi and lost a 29 days war against Amachi's forces.

Kawada's students including the 'Five Man Team' under Sera, decided to sign a letter of surrender to Amachi to end the war under the condition that nothing happens to Sera.

They even vowed to cut off their thumbs if they went back on their word.

After Suzuran and Housen destroyed the remains of the Amachi Army, Kawada 2nd fell back into the hands of Sera.

During Sera's senior year, the school fought against the Manji Empire, along side Abo and his Yurikawa South. Sera defeated Manji's Kokumon Group boss, Itami Ryousuke in a one on one, to achieve victory for the school.

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  • Letter of Surrender
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