Katou Hideyoshi was a student from Suzuran and the leader of the Hideyoshi Faction.

Nicknamed Mad Dog because of his proud and brash nature.

Personality Edit

He seems to have some luck with the ladies - a fact that the other seniors are not very happy about.

Although seen as an uncaring and cold for a majority of his time at Suzuran, his closeness with Masa to the point of leaving to Tokyo with him after graduation, and becoming more involved with his friends to the point of hanging out with them, showed he was just as human as the others.

Although a fearsome fighter, Hideyoshi has a tendency to challenge opponents stronger than him, because the challenge causes him to "burn up." Because of this, Hideyoshi has had a history of defeats ever since [1].

Among the numerous opponents he's challenged (and lost to) include: Hiromi Kirishima, Zetton, and King Joe. However, it is suggested that he was too afraid to face Hanaki Guriko after he defeated Zetton.

History Edit

Kyoka Mid Edit

Sophomore Edit

From Kyoka Mid, he made a name for himself conquering schools, but he could never get into Ammo's area, starting a rivalry with him.

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

Initially seen as the likely winner of the freshmen war, Hideyoshi lost to Zetton in the final round, and although the other finalists were able to find it in themselves to hang out together, Hideyoshi was hesitant due to the bitter defeat.

However, as time elapsed, he and Masa became more involved in the events concerning their year, and his involvement in many of the events playing a large part in the successful outcomes.

During the fight against the Snake Heads, him, Zetton, GunjiKome and Masa went after Bouya, as it was a chance in a lifetime to see three of the Four Kings in action together [2].

They got into some fights and later helped the Harumichi Family in the last battle.

Senior Edit

Hideyoshi also caused the spark that started the war between Suzuran and Housen when he took revenge for his best friend and right hand man, Masa, who was attacked by Housen students.

Due to most of the Suzuran's leaders were taken out separately over the duration of this war, Hideyoshi briefly assumed command of Suzuran's forces.

This culminated in the final one-on-one match between him and Housen's King Joe.

The fight was very difficult and Hideyoshi was already beaten but wouldn't give up, that's when Masa interfered by kicking King Joe, which made both sides ignore the 5 vs. 5 and go in an all out war.

On the graduation day, he thanked Zetton and his other friends for the years he had at Suzuran, stating he was glad he met them [3].

After Suzuran Edit

Left for Tokyo with Masa upon their graduation from Suzuran.

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References Edit

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