The KKK Demons is a small-time, wannabe Yakuza group  that draws its name from its members' first names, all of which start with the letter K: Himekawa Kei, Kobayashi Kenshou, and Masaoka Kenichirou.

The three men wear animal-themed masks as part of their gimmick when on the job: Himekawa wears a rabbit mask, Kobayashi, a lion mask, and Masaoka, a bear mask.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Hired by Amachi Army[edit | edit source]

After a dispute with an actual Yakuza group, the KKK Demons disappeared for a year, until Amachi Hisashi called them up [1].

They were then hired to take care of the The Front of Armament during the Amachi Army's rise to power.

Serving Under TFOA[edit | edit source]

However, following a sound defeat at the hands of the Armament, the Demons' leader, Himekawa, decides to follow Murata Shougo into the Armament. He does not force the remaining two members to follow him, but Kobayashi and Masaoka do so anyway, as the three have been tight friends since childhood.

They served as the Armament's shadow force and flying column, often acting independently of the Armament's main body. However, they still receive their orders from the Head, Shougo, and follow them to the letter.

As the Armament's secondary force, the Demons mostly gather intelligence from the shadows and serve as intimidating, opening acts for the Armament's schemes.

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References[edit | edit source]

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