Jet Black Scorpion is a gang in Toarushi that has grown underground on multiple occasions to battle the big shot's Factions in the town.

Once a part of the Back-Teria, they split into three gangs, Jet Black Scorpion, Black Marked Tigers and Hades' Owl.

Used to be under control of Hisashi Amachi.

Plot Edit

Yamamoto, the leader of the gang stepped out, with the other main members arrested, the new head of Jet Black Scorpion was taken out by other members of the gang [1].

They became a bunch that goes around mugging people and assaulting girls (which was originally forbidden in the group). They also started recruiting mid schooler to boost their numbers.

War with Suzuran Edit

During this period, Jet Black Scorpion leadership was splitted into two; Team Kamata and Team Tahara [2].

Kamata Hisashi and Tahara Tomohito used the gang to settle personal quarrels with some Suzuran's factions getting help from Ban Kazuyuki. Some of their underlings were Toshi and Mizutani.

Fujieda wasn't in the fight against Suzuran but he messed with one of the Hanaki Guriko's girlfriends, punching her face. Guriko hunted him down with Kurosawa Kazumitsu's help [3].

He was plotting something with Tsukimoto Mitsunobu before Guriko showing up.

Controlled by Amachi Army Edit

After almost being destroyed by Suzuran, Hisashi Amachi offered help to re-organize the gang. Uchida Kouji became the new head, but the one pulling the strings moving the gang was Mitsuki Kunihiko.

One of his first actions was infiltrating Ikeda Ryou and Okuno Keiichi in the Hyakki and Hashida Tomoyuki in the Black Marked Tigers and ambushing Harumoto Shigeo to start a war between the two gangs.

They also would later attack members from Hades' Owl using Armament's symbols to start a war between them, but it was discovered by Fujishiro Takumi who managed to capture Mitsuki Kunihiko. After he spit everything out, he was kicked by Amachi.

Led by KKK Demons Edit

The KKK Demons lead the Jet Black Scorpion against the Armament but they were defeated.

Heads of Jet Black Scorpion Edit

Gallery Edit

  • Team Kamata
  • Team Tahara

References Edit

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