Izaki Shun, nicknamed "The Golden Wolf", is the leader of Suzuran High's Class D and is known for both his strength and his smarts.

He had an ongoing rivalry with Tokaji Yuuji.

History Edit

Ebizuka Mid Edit

Izaki attend Ebizuka Mid and was said to be the strongest in the school. He was looked up by Hiromi, Mako, and Pon.

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

During his fight with Tokaji, they saw how Serizawa Tamao knocked out Shima, a sophomore with only one punch. This led to Tokaji respect Serizawa and started to follow him.

Later, Tokaji asked Izaki to join him serve under Serizawa but was promptly rejected as Izaki did not like to follow anyone [1].

Senior Edit

A wily and crafty senior, he was initially unwilling to side with either Serizawa Tamao or Genji Takiya without gauging their strengths firsthand.

Under the ruse of offering his friendship, Izaki challenges Genji to a fight and eventually emerges the victor by ambushing him with a number of goons.

But his win was not so easily gained - Izaki may have won that fight, but he is so impressed by Genji's strength, that he finally makes his decision and signs up with the GPS.

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