Housen Academy, home of the Housen Killer Corps who control the school with a strict chain of command.

Feared as an unbreakable empire, it was ruled for years by King Joe who later passed on his leadership to the Moonlight Brothers' Mitsumasa

Today, Mikuni Yuukyou is the Boss of Housen. Suzuran's biggest rival.

One of the Big Four of Toarushi.

History Of Housen

Unlike Suzuran, to this day, the monolithic Housen has had only one leader at any given time for generations, around whom the entire school is structured, and who holds the school together with an iron grip.

Despite the strength of the incredible men who have ruled it's empire, Housen values their strength in numbers, they have no qualms about ganging up on their opponents if it fits into their strategy.

There have many groups who face their wraith, but they hate, and wish to defeat Suzuran High the most. Their rivalry spans generations.

Skinhead Army

One of Housen's rules is that, aside from the leaders, everyone shaves their head. As such, it has also come to be known as the Skinhead Army.

Housen is infamous for sending waves of skinhead soldiers to ambush, intimidate or even decimate their enemies.

Controlled by a militant chain of command , these baldies are always ready to act at any moments notice, Housen's Killer Corps prove themselves to be a truly fearsome foe for any gang in Toarushi.

Housen Dynasties

Housen is known for their Bosses' long reins and familial dynasties that span generations. Makio Bitou was the first of the infamous Bitou Brothers to enter Housen, and it's unknown exactly when he took over, but he was considered the strongest fighter in the school's history, before his untimely death. Tatsuya Bitou enrolled during Narumi Taiga's reign, who was a former underling of his elder brother. When Taiga lost to Suzuran, Tatsuya took over the school in his sophomore year, around the time his younger brother, Hideyuki Bitou joined Housen, but they used a couple of senior pawns as figure heads to keep a low profile. Hideyuki became the boss after Tatsuya decided to go underground,but his leadership is cut short when the freshman, King Joe defeats him in a one-on-one, thus officially ending the Bitou Dynasty.

King Joe would continue to flourish as the Boss of Housen, all the way through his senior year, when he began to face pressure by the growing influence of the The Moonlight Brothers over Housen. After being forced into a war with Suzuran, he knew they would lose and Joe took the opportunity to pass the reigns over to the third youngest of the Moonlight Bros, freshman, Tsukimoto Mitsumasa, thus ended King Joe's legendary lordship over Housen.

Having gained new conviction, and much to live up to, Mitsumasa and his brothers sought to make Housen the strongest army again, with Mitsumasa facing many challenges, later proving himself to be a worthy general.

After Mitsumasa's graduation, his youngest brother, Mitsunori took over Housen.

Housen is currently being ruled by Mikuni Yuukyou.

Note: If the student overtake another student's position by a fight, it will be written as TAKEN BY.

The Boss of Housen
1st Class Boss: Terakado Butta
Boss: Chinen Ryuutarou
Taken by: Nikaidou Takuya
21st Class Boss: Makio Bitou

22nd Class

Boss: Narumi Taiga Vice Head: Matoba Toushi
23rd Class Boss: Narumi Taiga Vice Head: Matoba Toushi
24th Class Boss: Machida Katsutoshi
Taken by: Bitou Tatsuya Vice Head: Bitou Hideyuki
25th Class Boss: Bitou Tatsuya Vice Head: Bitou Hideyuki
Succeeded by: Hideyuki Bitou Succeeded by: Matsuda
Taken by: Kanayama Jou Succeeded by: Ujiie Jun
26th Class Boss: Kanayama Jou Vice Head: Ujiie Jun
27th Class Boss: Kanayama Jou Vice Head: Ujiie Jun
28th Class Boss: Tsukimoto Mitsumasa Vice Head: Ono Teruki
29th Class Boss: Tsukimoto Mitsumasa Vice Head: Ono Teruki
30th Class Boss: Tsukimoto Mitsunori
31st Class Boss: Mikuni Yuukyou

Judo Hall

Housen judo

Meeting Place for the Housen higher ups. This is where plans of action such as war with Suzuran and the location of the fight between King Joe and Mitsumasa.

Housen's Uniform

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