Hiruma Yuuji is a member of the Manji Seven and the leader of the Hiruma Group in the Manji Empire.

The Manji Empire Edit

He joined Manji at the same time as the Ikeshima Brothers, and considers the Ikeshima Group as a descendant of the Hiruma Group.

Hiruma has taken it upon himself to recruit as many members for Manji as possible, taking in the Double Heads Dragon and Shikabane, as well as an unknown team from Yamanashi.

Hiruma wants to gather more soldiers under the Manji banner, recruiting new gangs using the Ikeshima.

Enraged at the defeat of his brothers in arms, Hiruma rushed to Toarushi to face the Armament and the E.M.O.D alone. When he arrived, he was greeted (albeit a day later) by heads of both the aforementioned gangs, Murata Shougo, and Maekawa Muneharu

After fighting Muneharu to a draw [1], Hiruma is taken back to Tokyo by fellow Manji Seven representative, Ebisu Kouichi.

When the twelve Manji groups beneath the Manji Seven are sent to the town to "raze it to the ground", Hiruma calls Harikae Hideki, leader of the Manji's Naogoshi Group. The call is made just before they and the Kawakubo Group are attacked by the three gang alliance, of the E.M.O.D, T.F.O.A, and the Black Marked Tigers.

During the fight of the Manji Seven against the top seven from Toarushi, the score was three-to-three, both Hiruma and Maekawa were too injured to fight, so it was decided by Tsukushima Hana, supported by Bisuko, that enough blood were spilled and they should ended the fight using rock-paper-scissors.

Hiruma won and thus, the Manji Empire battle against Toarushi gangs ended.

Fights Edit

  • Yuuji vs. Muneharu - Draw [1]


References Edit

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