Harada was formerly Iwashiro Gunji's second-in-command. As soon as Gunji graduated, Harada inherited the faction and renamed it the Harada Faction.

A capable fighter and recognized as one of Suzuran's leaders, alongside fellow batch mates Kanbe Yoshikatsu (a.k.a. Butcher) and Kurosawa Kazumitsu.

History Edit

Freshman Edit

One of the top competitors in the 28th class Freshmen War.

When Hanaki Guriko makes his unexpected appearance, Harada is among those who take up arms to deal with the outsider and got to experience the wrath of Afro Demon [1].

Senior Edit

During his senior year at Suzuran, Harada assisted Butcher against the Jet Black Scorpions following their attack on the F.B.I.

He eventually disbanded the short-lived Harada Faction when he decided that his job was beginning to take up too much of his time.

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References Edit

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