The Hana-Gumi is the faction of Suzuran's first generation leader Tsukishima Hana, formed during his first year after winning the First Year War. Formerly the Hana Family, the name changed to Hana-Gumi by the request of Hana during his sophmore year.

It was created by Mutou Renji and Sakota Takefumi, a very dangerous combination of brains and brawns. Together, they gathered the strongest of their freshmen classmates such as Ozaki Kenichi, Murakawa Katsuhiro, and Yaita Ikumi.

These five men are the core and backbone of Hana-Gumi. They are extremely loyal to his leadership and are joined by a great number of influential and intelligent men, likeAsai Takahiko and Yamaguchi Ranmaru. Inspired by Hana's charisma & strength, many others followed him shortly upon their arrival into Suzuran, including notable figures such as the monster Sophomore Tetsuwan Tsutomu and First Year Champ, Sajima Yousuke.

After Butcher retired, his former faction, the FBI became the Hana-gumi's Shadow Force. The movements of this subgroup was controlled and led by Renji and Asai.

The entire student body fell under Hana-Gumi's banner, making them the first faction to ever completely conquer Suzuran. They are arguably the strongest faction in Suzuran's history.

Members of the Hana-Gumi[edit | edit source]

Positon Name Year
Boss Tsukishima Hana 3rd Year
Consigliere Mutou Renji 3rd Year

Sakota Takefumi

3rd Year
Officer Yaita Ikumi 3rd Year
Officer Murakawa Katsuhiro 3rd Year
Officer Ozaki Kenichi 3rd Year
Officer Asai Takahiko 3rd Year
Informer Yamaguchi Ranmaru 3rd Year
Underground Iba Akio 3rd Year
Underground Sakai Keiichi

3rd Year

Lieutenant Tetsuwan Tsutomu 2nd Year
Soldier Toujou Yasuhide 2nd Year
Soldier Nakamura Ginji 2nd Year
Soldier Akaike Yuuji 2nd Year
Soldier Aoyama Kouji 2nd Year
Soldier Kakiuchi Tsunemi 2nd Year
Soldier Sawaguchi Masaru 2nd Year
Soldier Miyahara Takayuki 2nd Year
Soldier Kitajima Hideki 2nd Year
Soldier Sajima Yousuke 1st Year
Soldier Mori Kenichi 1st Year
Soldier Monnai Naoto 1st Year
Soldier Nakano Chuuta 1st Year
Soldier Utagawa Tomonori 1st Year
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