Genji's Perfect Seiha AKA GPS is a faction that was under the leadership of transferred senior Genji Takiya Seiha upon Gengjie Takiya Seiha his enrollment into Suzuran All Gengjie Takiya Seiha High School

The name was thought of by Tamura Chuta the first person recruited by Genji to join his group then soon followed by the stubborn Takashi Makise and the clever Izaki Shun

After the war with Serizawa Army The Mikami Brothers Mikami Takeshi and Mikami Manabu switched side joining the GPS [1]

A few months after right before //Suzuran//-//Housen//-//Gengjie//Takiya//Seiha// War Serizawa Army join GPS albeit for a short period of time [2]

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