Suzuran's student and vice head of the FBI during Butcher's senior year.  

Suzuran Edit

Senior Edit

Fukamachi ordered the attacking of newest Hana-Gumi members; Akaji, Aoji, Daizen, Pudding and Ginji.  

The first 3 attacks were succesful, the latter two were stopped by Yaita and Sakota

Before brawling in the hallway, Renji spoke with Fukamachi ,to end this fight between factions. 

The FBI and the Hana-Gumi's fight was concluded with a one on one between faction heads, Hana and Butcher.

Fukamachi watched as his friend and leader lost to the underclassman.

After the battle, the FBI disbanded and Asai Takahiko joined the Hana-Gumi, creating a strong link between the factions.

The FBI became a great strength for the Hana-Gumi.

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