The Extreme Dragon Syndicate was formed by Takiya Commerce drop outs, Arita, Nakano, and Tsukamoto High students, Noda, Yamamoto and Inoue.

Their plan was to grow into a big gang after T.F.O.A.'s 3rd generation fall and their members are around 50 people [1].

Arita had a personal quarrel with Bulldog and planned to use the faction to take on him and Takiya Commerce. Noda had a personal quarrel with Maruken and Kakuken from Kurosaki Industrial but argued that if they were to be let alone, Takiya and Kurosaki would destroy themselves [2].

Bulldog, knowing of Arita's plan, formed the Kurotaki Alliance to take on them. As the alliance seemed to fail, he went by himself to fight the Syndicate but Maruken and Kakuken showed up to help [3]. As they were fighting the underlings, Harumichi Bouya showed up and fought against Arita, who had a real katana, and won [4].

After the defeat, the Extreme Dragon Syndicate disbanded.

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