The Ebizuka Trio is made up of three infamous fighters that stood at the top of Ebizuka Mid. The Trio consists of Makoto Sugihara (Mako), Toshiaki Honjou (Pon), and group leader Hiromi Kirishima.

After graduating from middle school, the Trio soon made a name for themselves early on at Suzuran by winning their generation's freshmen war.

In Crows Zero Reboot, the Ebizuka Trio lent their strength to GPS (to help their senior, Izaki Shun) in their battle against Serizawa Army.

Later in their sophomore year, they became one of the greatest oppositions against Bandou's attempt of taking over the school. 

After realizing that their combined strengths still weren't enough to challenge Bandou, they allied themselves with then-newcomer Harumichi Bouya, and finally succeeded in overthrowing Bandou.

Even after their victory, the Trio still remained by Bouya's side and formed the Harumichi Family, with Bouya as its unofficial leader.

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