Daitou was recruited into the Amachi Army by Kagawa Kazuya (a.k.a. Gaga), but this was only after he got into a brief conflict with its leader, Hisashi Amachi.

An old acquaintance of the Arson brothers, he initially unwilling to sign up with the Army. It took a confrontation and a punch to the face to finally convince Daitou to join the faction.

He is described as a guy who is good with both his fists and his head, as well as a dominating presence that will help rally underlings [1].

True to his description, Daitou served as the group's main strategist, alongside Gaga.

After the Army's lopsided defeat to the Hana-Gumi, he chooses to stick by Amachi's side, despite a little ill feelings towards his boss for that hit in the face.

Daitou also had a history in juvenile prison before joining the Army.

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