Crows Zero Stage Play is a stage play released on 2017, based on the Crows Zero, which was directed by Takashi Miike, starring the Theater Troupe Bancho Boys and the Theater Troupe Bancho Boys Cadets. [1] [2]

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The plot of the stage play is almost identical to the plot of the movie albeit there were a few small non-plot effecting changes.

The story followed Takiya Genji as a new student at Suzuran High, which is notorious for it's delinquents. Genji’s father is a yakuza boss who did not manage to conquer the school, and has promised Genji that he will acknowledge him as his successor if he manages to do it.

Through the story, Genji has the challenge of working his way up through the strongest boys in the school to eventually defeat the school's current top delinquent, Serizawa Tamao.

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Film - Stage Play Differences Edit

  • This stage play introduced new original character, Tamura Yasu who is the younger brother of Tamura Chuuta and Manaka Tooru, who is Makise's partner.
  • In the film there was a female character who was close to Genji, Ruka Aizawa and she was kidnapped by Tokaji to be used as a bait for GPS. However in the stage play, it was Yasu who got kidnapped.

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