A tribute project which was first compiled and published by Akita Shoten in June 2016. It's been 25 years since the start of "Crows", a seminal work in the delinquent manga genre! It is consisted of collection of 8 stories written by various authors as a tribute to Crows.

In June 2018, it was revealed that there will be another batch of tribute project [1].

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The First Project (2016) Edit

Chapter 1: Setoutsumi Gaiden Edit

Setoutsumi gaiden

Setoutsumi Gaiden is a tribute project and a cross-over with Konomoto Kazuya's manga, Setoutsumi. This chapter involve Utsumi, a four-eyed guy, who is interested in the Crows/Worst series and his spiked hair friend, Seto, who is a big fan of the series.

They then started to act like one of the most iconic scene in the series, the scene where King Joe was talking to Hideyuki Bitou about his boredom due to the peace in Toarushi.

Chapter 2: Graffiti Edit


Graffiti is a tribute project written by Fujiwara Satoshi . The chapter tells the story of two seniors, Kirino Hayato and Kaneko Housei, who have attended Suzuran for three years without getting into a single fights.

Tired of being lackeys, they decided to leave their mark in Suzuran by writing their names on the walls at the rooftop of Suzuran.

Chapter 3: Crows vs Hakaiju Edit

Crows vs. Hakaiju

Crows vs. Hakaiju is a tribute project and a cross-over with Honda Shingo's manga, Hakaiju . The spin-off started with a "hideous monster" appeared out of nowhere in Suzuran. It attacked every part of the school building (including the rooftop) just to see they were all empty,

It then decided to attack the school's gym and was shocked to see all of the school's delinquents were bloodied due to all of the fighting.

All of the delinquents then noticed the presence of the monster and gave it a mean glare which caused it to ran away.

Chapter 4: Crows Ladies Edit

2919-crows ladies

Crows Ladies is a spin-off of Crows, written by Suzuki Dai. The chapter revolves around genderbending some of the most iconic chapter in Crows and Worst.

Chapter 5: Housen's Iron Law Edit

Housen's Iron Law

Housen's Iron Law is a tribute project written by Hirakawa Tetsuhiro. The chapter revolves around Fukumaru Kazumasa who was undefeated back in his town before enrolling into Housen.

He was utterly defeated by Hideyuki Bitou and was forced to shaved his beloved hair. This incident caused him to lose his confidence and fighting spirit. What would happen if one of his juniors know he was defeated?

Chapter 6: Sei & Seiya vs Suzuran! Edit

Sei & seiya

Sei & Seiya vs Suzuran! is a tribute project written by Kuwahara Shinya. The chapter starts with Ueda Yumenosuke, your average hot-blooded delinquents being excited about Suzuran's Freshmen War and his partner-in-crime, Hanegi Kyoushirou.

They later got into a fight with some punks who were trash talking about Freshmen War before all of them were ran over by Murasame Arneis, Nagarei Sei and Hibashiri Ren in a car.

Sei then apologize to Ueda by giving him a can of coffee (not before taking a roundhouse kick from Arneis). After that, several Jet Black Scorpion's leftover appeared and take a hold on Arneis. This led to a brawl between Ueda, Hanegi, Sei, Ren with the Scorpions.

Chapter 7: Fake Fur Edit

Fake Fur
Fake Fur is a tribute project written by Ooishi Hiroto. The chapter revolves around Fujimi Haiji, who really respect Bouya Harumichi so much as that he even wore the same jacket like Bouya.

However, no one knows that behind his strong look, he was in fact a coward who didnt even have any courage to talk to Bouya and never went to Suzuran. This secret would later revealed by Shunya, the number one host of his rival club.

What would happen to his reputation after his secret has been revealed?

Chapter 8: Crows St. Emperor Edit

Crows St Emperor

Crows St. Emperor is a tribute project written by Yukito Imouto. The chapter revolves around a blonde transferred student who single-handedly defeated Kawasaki Faction and Housen's freshmen. Who could it be?

The Second Project (2018) Edit

Chapter 1: Warning: This Man is Followed by A Psycho Edit


Warning: This Man is Followed by A Psycho is a tribute project and a cross-over with Honda Shingo's manga, Saiko . The chapter will center on a certain male delinquent who uses the SAiKO app.

Chapter 2: Crying Skull Edit


Crying Skull is a tribute project written by Hirakawa Tetsuhiro. The chapter revolves around Ojiri Kenta, a middle schooler who looks up to TFOA and was forced to fight Suzuran delinquents for the sake of his friend.

Chapter 3: Crows' Droppings Edit

Karasu no fun

Crows' Droppings is a tribute project written by Ozawa Toshio.

Maruta is a weak otaku who for some reason joined Suzuran. He's always being used as a gopher for delinquents and the amount of money that has cost him has gotten so large, he's now unable to go to a voice actress event.

Chapter 4: Azazu Edit

Crows Respect Azazu

Azazu is a tribute project written by Fujiwara Satoshi.

The story mentioned about two guy, one of them is a calm guy while the other one, is a quiet guy. The first spring they came to class, there was a freshman who was in the same class, he fought against the strongest to usurp the highest position of Suzuran. He successfully did that and persuade these two guys to join his group.

Chapter 5: Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji x Crows II Edit

Crows respect hokuto no ken

Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji x Crows II, is a crossover of Crows and Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji and a tribute project written by Yūshi Kawata and Yukito Imōto.

In the manga, Holy Emperor Souther transfers into Housen Academy, and other characters from Hokuto no Ken: Ichigo Aji also appear. [2]

Chapter 6: Crows Rock n' Roll Edit

Rock n Roll

Crows Rock n' Roll is a tribute project written by Yukai Asada.

A freshman at Suzuran, who received the old guitarist of Bandou Hideto and promised with his friends that they will take over Suzuran. But in truth, he never liked fighting and now he is worried that his relationship with his friends would collapse.

Chapter 7: Ame Nochi Hare Edit

Ame nochi hare

Ame Nochi Hare is a tribute project.

A freshman at Tsukamoto High, has a strange habit of carrying an umbrella all the time. Later on, he and his senior clashed with the delinquents from Suzuran.

Chapter 8: Crows Eraser Edit

Crows Eraser

Crows Eraser is a tribute project.

Summary (in Japanese).

Chapter 9: Densetsu ga ita Machi Edit

Respect 9

Densetsu ga ita Machi is a tribute project.

Summary (in Japanese).

Chapter 10: Makeinu Edit


Makeinu is a tribute project written by Nakamura Yuuji.

The Third Project (2018) Edit

Chapter 7: Crows Ladies Edit

Crows ladies cr7

Crows Ladies is a tribute project written by Suzuki Dai where all of the main cast of Worst is genderbent.


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