A third-person perspective action game with beat ’em up elements, created by Bandai Namco Entertainment , based on Crows, a popular Japanese manga that tells a story of a group of high-school delinquents.

The main focus was placed on spectacular combat sequences, which earn us respect and build our prestige in the school society.

First-print copies of Crows: Burning Edge include a short episode featuring Hanaki Guriko and it comes with character-themed, exclusive customization items.

For the list of characters that appeared in the game, click here.

Story Mode[edit | edit source]

There are two modes for the story mode:

  • Harumichi Bouya

The plot of the game rather faithfully recreates the events known from the comic and the movies based on it.

We assume the role of Harumichi Bouya, who is transferred to an infamous high-school - the Suzuran All-Boys, infested by a gang of young bandits.

  • Another Story

Sekijyo Masamune is a freshman who transfers schools from Kennan to Suzuran. While running along the timeline of the original work, another event occurs that runs in parallel.

This is the original story of “Another Crow,” written by Crows creator, Takahashi Hiroshi.

Gameplay [1][edit | edit source]

When it comes to mechanics, Crows: Burning Edge is somewhat similar to the Yakuza series, marrying action elements with an adventure game plot.

Battle Tactics[edit | edit source]

There are three general battle tactics: “Hit,” “Grab,” and “Defend.” Going into a hit from a defend, a defend from a grab, and a grab from a hit are all effective methods of fighting.

Attack Style[edit | edit source]

  • Balance Type (Harumichi Bouya’s Default)

A good balance between attack power and speed, with techniques that are easy to use in any situation.

Fast in speed, but low in single-hit damage. Best suited for group fights.

Slow in attack speed, but high in power. Best used in a one-on-one fight.

Enjoy an ever-changing battle with a mix of punch and kick attacks.

Burning Mode[edit | edit source]

As you attack, defend, and take damage, your Burning Gauge will increase. When the Burning Gauge reaches its max, you can activate Burning Mode. In this state, not only does your attack power and speed increase, you can also use Burning Combos, as well as character-specific special moves.

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Crows- Burning Edge Debut Trailer ~ PS4 & PS Vita

Crows: Burning Edge's trailer

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