Bitou Tatsuya was the Boss of Housen Academy during Harumichi Bouya's sophomore year at Suzuran.

He is also one of The Four Kings in his generation and the middle Bitou brother.

He looked up to his elder brother, Makio Bitou, who was recognized as Housen's strongest fighter in its history and has held a grudge against Suzuran ever since one of their students stabbed Makio to death during a war with Housen in the past.



He followed Narumi Taiga, Housen's then leader on his crusade to avenge Makio's death which eventually lead to a clash with the GPS, one of Suzuran's ruling factions at the time.

After Narumi's defeat by Takiya Genji, Tatsuya resolved to find his own way to payback Suzuran for his brother's death [1].

Tatsuya and Kunou Ryuushin have a rivalry because of an undisclosed incident between the two of them in the past in which Tatsuya totally defeated Ryuushin [2].


Eventually assuming leadership of Housen for a short time, along with his youngest brother, he again attempted to challenge Suzuran but he was defeated by Harumichi Bouya, the top dog of Suzuran [3].


Tatsuya decided to go underground, handing over his position of leadership over Housen to his younger brother, Hideyuki Bitou.

He later joined Harumichi Bouya and Kunou Ryuushin when they, along with Haruyama Koichi forming P.A.D with the sole purpose of going to war with the Snake Heads.

After this incident, his brother was later challenged and defeated by King Joe. Upon meeting with Joe, Tatsuya acknowledged that if he beat Hideyuki, he deserved to rule Housen.

After the lost, he and his brother move to graduate at a high school in Machida, Tokyo. It is here that Tatsuya would meet and be severely defeated by The Manji Empire's Kuzugami Tatsuo [4].

After Housen

After graduating, he became a professional boxer and kept his rivalry with Ryuushin as he had become a professional boxer in the same gym as well [5].

Bouya ranked him as the third strongest fighter he faced, alongside Ryuushin [6].




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