Bandou Hideto is a former member of The Front of Armament's third generation and the boss of the Bandou Ippa.

History Edit

Middle School Edit

Bandou was a friend of Sugata Kazushi and a member of the second generation of T.F.O.A..

He met Senda Naoki and Tatsuya Yamazaki that were following Sugata too and the three became friends and joined Kurosaki.

He was originally supposed to succeed the second generation head Sugata Kazushi as the head of the Armament's third generation.

But, unfortunately Sugata died in a tragic motorcycle accident after being hit by a drunk driver. His passing would devastate Bandou, losing the mentor whom he idolized [1].

Because of Kazushi's death, Bandou would never become the Armament's third generation head, instead the second generation's former vice head Kunou Hideomi took the opportunity to seize power and use TFOA for his own benefits, Bandou was forced to remain a lowly pawn under Hideomi's corrupted Armament.

Hideomi's leadership took a negative toll on Bandou and the Armament, never viewing the team he'd come to love the same again.


Freshman Edit

Gaining a new resolve, Bandou hatched a plan with two of his fellow Armament members, Senda Naoki and Tatsuya Yamazaki, together they sought to take back TFOA from Hideomi.

First they had to build up strength in numbers, to do this they opted to enroll at the legendary delinquent school, Suzuran All-Boys High with the goal of conquering it.

Sophomore Edit

During his second year at Suzuran, his own ambitions for the school would have to wait due to the ongoing conflict between Serizawa Tamao and Genji Takiya who's factions, the Serizawa Army and the GPS were at war for control of Suzuran during their third year.

He and his group later assists Genji Takiya's GPS during the final battle with Serizawa. Genji was the only one of his seniors who had Bandou's respect. [2]

Senior Edit

In his third year, Bandou formed the Bandou-Ippa and would almost obtain complete dominance over Suzuran High, gaining many suspensions during this time. However, he met resistance from three sophomores known as the Ebizuka Trio whom he was at war with when Harumichi Bouya enrolled at Suzuran High during his second semester.

When Bandou attacked Bouya's friend Yasu, He would team up with the trio and help them defeat Bandou and his entire faction.

He came back to Suzuran by the time Housen Academy started a war. Their leader, Machida Katsutoshi pulled a knife against Hiromi Kirishima and Bandou interfered by taking the knife and cutting Machida's face [3].

It was revealed then that the then head of Housen, were just pawns of Bitou brothers. Bandou later boldly fought against Tatsuya Bitou even knowing he was no match, just to prove his strength [4].

After Suzuran Edit

After graduation, he started a rock band with his former rival, the Ebizuka Trio's Hiromi Kirishima [5] and Naraoka Tsuneyoshi, a friend of Ishida Kotori.

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