Nicknamed Aoji and was a student from Suzuran.

Middle School Edit

He used to challenge Tetsuwan Tsutomu in middle school, but ended up losing to him [1].

A capable fighter and devoted follower of the Hana-Gumi, Aoji has participated in a number of skirmishes, including the war against the Amachi Army and against the Manji Empire.

Suzuran Edit

Freshman Edit

Aoji doesn't bother to challenge Tsutomu again during their year's Freshman War.

He follows him instead and ends up following the Hana-Gumi by default when Tsutomu decides to follow Tsukishima Hana.

Senior Edit

Aoji watches the Freshmen War along with Tsutomu and Akaji.

He is surprised that there was a foreign student, Tyrone, wondering if his presence means Suzuran's reputation has spread overseas.

Fights Edit


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